Nordic Driving challenge – ’’A motivation package for Northern drivers’’

Starting this year, the Nordic Driving Challenge – a cup series uniting Estonia, Latvia and Finland offers competing opportunities for single horses and ponies at CAI2* level.  Hopefully this step will enrich the Northern European driving market while making it more attractive for competitors. The series will start in May 31 – June 2 within the international Equestrian Festival CHI Pärnu, followed by the legs at 5-7th of July in Inchukalns (LAT), 2-4th of August in Ypäjä (FIN), culminating with a final in Tagadi (EST) 13.-15th of September. 

Hillar Talts, one of the coordinators of this series has said: “We are three small countries practicing driving sports, located conveniently close to each other – but all of us have unfortunately had to witness low participation in our competitions and sport in general. Therefore, the organizers in mentioned countries unanimously saw the need to create an additional motivation for the athletes, especially at the 2* level while this is the stepping stone for a more serious international level. At the same time we cannot fail to remember the national beginner levels which will ensure the driving sports expansion in the future. In such manner, we will be offering coordinated opportunities at all levels of the competition pyramid with the aim to firmly evolve and increase the share of driving sports in our entire region.” Although the legs of the series take place in three mentioned countries – athletes from all around are more than welcome to join and participate.  
You can find the General Regulations of the series:

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