Nordic Driving Challenge

Nordic Driving challenge – ’’A motivation package for Northern drivers’’ 

Starting this year (2024), the Nordic Driving Challenge – a cup series uniting Estonia, Latvia and Finland offers competing opportunities for single horses and ponies at CAI2* level.  Hopefully this step will enrich the Northern European driving market while making it more attractive for competitors. The series will start in May 31 – June 2 within the international Equestrian Festival CHI Pärnu, followed by the legs at 5-7th of July in Inchukalns (LAT), 2-4th of August in Ypäjä (FIN), culminating with a final in Tagadi (EST) 13.-15th of September. 
General Regulations Nordic Driving Challenge 2024

I 'st leg

CHI Pärnu, Estonia


II 'nd leg

Inchukalns, Latvia


III 'rd leg

Ypäjä, Finland



Tagadi, Estonia


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