15.-17. September


Driving sport


Drivers complete a sequence of set movements from memory, displaying the schooling and obedience of the horses being driven.


Drivers move their horses through a set cross-country course and a set number of obstacles, which positioned through the final 10km leg of the marathon phase..


A test of the skill and competence of the driver, and the suppleness and obedience of the horse(s). The carriage must be driven within a set amount of time through narrowly spaced pairs of cones situated throughout the course.

Our main Partner:

Tagadi Driving 2023

In 2023 we are organizing our first international 3* competition, where classes will be held for horse and pony singles aswell as for horse and pony pairs. In addition to the international competitions we will host the local cup series Final.

About us

Who are we?*

We are the enthusiasts of driving sports developing a new proffessional facility for driving competitions in cooperation with many international specialists. Center is located in Estonia near the capital, Tallinn.

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